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I'm autodidacted bicycle enthutist and mechanic, waiting for the right moment to be fully dedicated to the dream of LBS (local bicycle store).

I can do almost everything with your old bike to make it shine and roll.

I can get you everything for your new bike project build.

The only thing I can not do, is to make you ride.

Anyway, fell free to comment, contact and ask questions.

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09 November 2011

Andre Bertin Classic Road Frame

Unexpected but very enjoyable journey. Ilya received an old Andre Bertin road frame in awful condition. You can the picture below. He took the parts to polish, we order some new parts and set of Deep V velocity wheels. Waiting several months, during which he repainted the frame twice, finally got the color he likes. Then I have suggested to film the process of complete assembly. We took one afternoon and shoot 6 hours and the result is below. Very funny, cool and creative. The bike is gorgeous.

P.S. Very important is that I have tried for the first time to do the crow’s foot pattern on the front wheel. It happens to be polished 36 hole Campagnolo high flange hub, so crow’s foot was the best choice for it. And fortunately I did a good job.

And the movie:

As promised, more pictures of the new bike.

The most important part is Crow's foot lacing, mazafaka!